Welcome to the world of luxury in the SKY

Welcome to the world of luxury in the SKY

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If flying like your living the lifestyle of the rich and famous is how you roll then you will love today’s post. I have been a fan of emirates airline since planning my trip to Dubai. Everything about the airline is attractive to me. Their super chic planes, the attire of the airline stewards always seems top notch. But recently I came across this airline on a friends page on Facebook and did a little more research.

So, today I

Welcome you to the world of luxury in the SKY


Sit back and enjoy the FLIGHT.


The first airline is Etihad Airways based in Abu Dhabi just debuted it newest first class product called the RESIDENCE only available on the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. It comes with it’s own seperate livingroom, bedroom and ensuite bathroom oh and let’s not forget your very own trained butler and private inflight chef. Sounds amazing doesn’t it. Depending on the flight be prepared to fork over at least $20,000 ONE WAY.


Number 2 on the list is Singapore Airlines. Now SA has doors that totally seal off your compartment and cost about the same as the RESIDENCE but I have to say I don’t think they have anything on the RESIDENCE. Check it out and you decide.


Third on the list is Emirates. Now prior to Etihad coming along Emirates held the title of being the first to have a shower in flight. However the RESIDENCE is a completely different beast than Emirates first class private suite. On Emirates first class private suite you only have access to the A380’s Sky Bar and lounge. If you want t be totally private and paying about $10,000 or up you can enjoy the minibar right in your suite. All these things are given on Ethiads RESIDENCE.


So, know that the flight is over what was your favorite airline? I would love to know so drop it in the comments and don’t forget to Like, Share and Comment.


Happy Flying

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