Money saving tips for single parents

Money saving tips for single parents

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As parent’s it can be tough sometimes trying to figure everything out for our households and all the things we need for ourselves and our kids. We must learn how to be savvy shoppers in today’s world and so with that being said I will share

Money saving tips for single parents

In today’s blog I will share how you can save on everyday household items & clothes for you and your family. Now, i’m not sure if your aware of this but pretty much every store you walk into has a CLEARANCE SECTION. Trust me when I say this section has now become your BEST FRIEND.

No matter what store you go into your 1st stop should always be the CLEARANCE SECTION. Can you say HIDDEN TREASURES. You may never know what you’ll find there.

When your in your local pharmacy hit the clearance rack. Maybe that bottle of cough syrup you buy is laying there without a box or maybe the box is dented. Maybe those schoool supplies the kiddos need are sitting there waiting just for you because the package broke and there now selling for $0.15. I think you get the idea

cough syrup







When you walk into your local grocery stores hit the clearance rack. Maybe your favorite cans of vegetables are there but the can is dented. How about those bottles of water that are now $0.20 because 2 broke in the case so now they are selling them individually. And please don’t knock day old bread, cakes, cookies and pies, maybe it’s just what you need for dinner that night. Oh and I forget one more hidden treasure, check out the produce maybe you will find some fresh veggies and fruits that you could use to put in shakes or give the kiddies for snack the next day.










Need to do a little clothers shopping, you guessed it hit the clearance rack. Clothes can also be another big expense for families so check out that rack, Lol! I have found underclothes for my son because the T-shirt pack is missing one and now they are $1.00 apiece. How about socks that are no longer in a pack. I think you get the picture.










In these days & times we are all looking for ways to save money and I have to tell you I save all day everyday with just this tip alone.

Tomorrow I will go into more ways to save so stay tune!!




To your success,
Shawne “Helping Others Succeed” Perryman