5 New Words to add to your vocabulary

5 New Words To Add To Your Vocabulary

What’s up blogger and bloggetts it’s your girl here with another blog for your reading pleasure. In today’s blog I wanted to share with you 5 new words to add to your vocabulary and the importance of learning on a daily basis. As entrepreneurs we are constanly feeding our minds with new and exciting things or at least we should be, lol! Well in my quest and in your as well I decided and I know you will to learn

5 New Ways To Add To Your Vocabulary

So, today I thought I would help you with your vocabulary. Over at my FACEBOOK FANPAGE I shared these words with my audience and got really good response. If your old enough to remember being in elementary school (that’s me dating myself) we had to write the word 10x’s, write the definition (by looking it up in a dictionary, I don’t think they do that anymore, lol) and use them in a sentence. Awwwww, the good ole days.

So, without futher ado here are your vocabulary words for the week. Now remenber write them 10x’s, look them up, (lol) and use them in a sentence.


Monday’s vocabulary word

5 New Words to add to your vocabulary







Tuesday’s vocabulary word

5 New Words to add to your vocabulary







Wednesday’s vocabulary word

5 New Words to add to your vocabulary







Thursday’s vocabulary word

5 New Words to add to your vocabulary







Friday’s vocabulary word

5 New Words to add to your vocabulary








I hope you got some true value from today’s blog. I have 2 questions and 2 favors to ask of you.


Have you heard of these words before?

Do you remember a word you learned that you use today? For me I learned the word loquacious in the eight grade and never forget what it meant: Talkative.


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Until we read again

Shawne The Multi-Preneur Entreprenuer


“It is not what we get, but who we become, what we contribute…that gives meaning to our lives.” Anthony Robbins







6 Types of Time….Who Knew!

6 Types of Time….Who Knew!

What’s up family, it’s your girl here with another blog for your reading pleasure. Did you know there where 6 Types of Time? I know, neither did I but after a little R&D (research and development) this is what I discovered. So, sit back, get a cool beverage and let’s learn the

6 Types of Time….Who Knew!

I know in today’s world there are sooooo many things going on and it feels like there’s not enough time to do them. What do you hear people say the most, I WISH I HAD MORE TIME well today i’m going to share the

6 Types of Time….Who Knew!

and show you how to get more quality time throughout your day.



Think time: Use this time for quiet reflection. You need time to plan your day so TAKE IT this way you won’t feel like your under stress.


Family time: Awwww now this one is important. Quality time with the family is key remember their the reason why you do what you do. So block out some time just for them.


Waiting time: I know your saying Shawne what the hell is that? Those are those in between times when you have no choice but to wait. For example getting your car serviced. Use this time to accomplish smaller, less thought provoking but productive task such as connecting with others on social media or making phone calls.


Relax time: Now this one i’m sure none of us do a lot of but we need time to re-charge the old batteries. Remember it’s ok to shut it down for a while.


Productivity time: Use this time to tackle those bigger projects, work that list and kick those things in the butt. Turn up the music and get to working.


Reward time: I’m sure this is another one we don’t do often but you MUST reward yourself. Be proud for accomplishing those goals big or small.


So, there you have it…The 6 types of time and how to use them to breakdown your day.












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To your continued success

Shawne The Multi-Prenuer Entreprenuer

Let’s Discover the Dominican Republic Part 2

Let’s Discover the Dominican Republic Part 2

What did you think of our very own tour of the Dominican Republic. We had so much fun yesterday that I figured why not continue the party today. What’s up bloggers and bloggets, it’s your girl Shawne here with you guest it another blog for your reading pleasure. In todays’s blog

Let’s Discover the Dominican Republic Part 2

We will continue our tour of the Dominican Republic Part Deux. We will explore more of the most beautiful places in the DR. So sit back and let’s get our travel on.

Let's Discover the Dominican Republic Part 2







The Dominican Republic or DR for short has been coined as the country “that has it all”. DR offers a tropical climate, lush coastlines with 250 miles of beaches, historic cities and culture, mountains, waterfalls and so much more.

Today I will share with you 5 more of the most beautiful places in the DR

Let’s explore Altos de Chavon in La Romana. It’s a massive replica Mediterranean village. It is home to a cultural center, an archeological museum and amphitheater. This is a place you will definetly want to check out. And while your here in La Romana lets move on too.

Let's Discover the Dominican Republic Part 2








Playa Bayahibe in La Romana. Although not much to see Bayahibe beach is known as one of the niceset places in the country to see the sunset. It also has a bar and lighthouse but not much else.

Let's Discover the Dominican Republic Part 2








Now if your looking for a more calm and secluded public beach check out Juanilo Beach in Punta Cana on the east coast. Here you will find white sandy beaches, blue waters and views like you see below. Who wouldn’t enjoy relaxing here. I know I would. What about you?

Let's Discover the Dominican Republic Part 2

Let's Discover the Dominican Republic Part 2







Now, if your thing is history and soaking up some of the real heros then checkout Heroes de la Restauracion Monument in Santiago. What you’ll find here is an eight story structure dedicated to the Dominican soliders who fought the final war of independence in Spain.

Let's Discover the Dominican Republic Part 2







And last but not definately not least baseball fields. You will find professional, non-professional and empty fields everywhere. The Dominican Republic sends more players to the MLB than any other country outside the US








These are just a few more amazing things to see and do while in the DR. What was your favorite? I would love to hear from you and don’t forget to Like, Share and most importantly Comment.

I hope you enjoyed our continued tour of the DR? Next week will take off again until then it’s your girl


Shawne singing off

The Multi-Preneur Entreprenuer

Traveling the world on my own terms.


P.S. See the DR for yourself

Why I Keep Moving Forward

What’s up Rockstars,

In the last few blogs I formally introduced myself to you and the world and introduced you to  my WHY. Today, I thought I would share with the world

Why I Keep Moving Forward

I keep moving forward because of my WHY. I look at that face everyday and know what I need to do even when I don’t feel like it. My son at 12 already has big dreams, goals and desires so he has already set the foundation for me. This is

Why I Keep Moving Forward

People will come & go in life & in business but our true lesson is to KEEP MOVING FORWARD. Even though it doesn’t feel good it’s probably for the best. What i’m looking for in life & in business and what you should be looking for are like minded people who want to fulfill their goals, dreams and desires.  Let’s all set out on a journey of  looking for TRUE LEADERS, leaders who are ALL about helping others achieve their goals.  (Tip: When we help others and not focus on money, you will get what you desire.)

I have a few question for my reading audience today:

  1. What keeps you moving forward?
  2. What are your goals?
  3. What would you like to achieve in the next 90 days?

I would love to know so drop those comments below and let’s start a discussion.


P.S. If you desire to reach NEW heights. Don’t continue to sit by and say I wish or I should have but change your MINDSET and. start telling yourself YOU CAN & YOU WILL. Start to Imagine & Visualize your dreams coming to fruition

Here’s something to ask yourself daily: “What do you need to do today that will get you two steps closer to where you want to be”. Shawne Perryman


To your success

Shawne “Helping Others Succeed” Perryman

Multi-prenuer Entreprenuer



My Why

My Why

What’s up family, it’s me again with you know what just for you. In yesterday’s blog I properly introduced myself to the world, well today I wanted to share with the family MY WHY and how important he is to me and why I push so hard to reach my goals.

I have always had an entreprenuerial spirit way before I had a child. I liked the idea of sleeping until I was ready to get up, coming and going when I felt like it, taking a 2 hour lunch if I felt it necessary and traveling whenever I wanted to.

Fast forward a lot of years (LOL) and now I have a son and still much hasn’t changed in the way I feel. My desire is to have my own business but now MY WHY is my SON. I want to give my son not only the things he may desire but most of all MY TIME. What I understand from being a parent is that we have a short amount of time to enjoy our kids before they move on. So while I still have some energy I strive for excellence everyday and the ability to shower him with the presence of his mother giving him the quality time he deserves.

My Why

My why is a very bright, I think handsome young man with many talents. A lot of people say he looks like me but I don’t see it, LOL! What do you think?



 My Why

Now, he is not into the whole sports thing like most boys. He’s into the arts, acting, signing and playing instruments. He just learned the violin last year, is currently taking drum lessons and soon voice lessons. So, as you can imagine my week is full and being able to work from home has allowed me to be there everyday and share in his interest.

This is MY WHY !!


What is your WHY? Please Like, Share and Comment below. I would love to know what get’s you going.




Your girl