10 Reasons why you want to become an entrepreneur

10 Reasons why you want to become an entrepreneur

Have you finally realized that you know longer want to build someone else’s dream? Have you decided that now is your time? Are you ready to be paid what your really worth? Well, in today’s blog I will share

10 reasons why you want to become an entreprenuer

What’s up bloggers and bloggetts, it’s your girl Shawne here with another blog for your reading pleasure. Today I wanted to share 10 great reasons to becoming an entreprenuer so grab that cup of coffee or tea and let’s dive in.

The first reason is Automony which simply means that you are in charge of your own destiny. You won’t get stuck in the rat race or daily grind. You are free to work YOUR business they way YOU chose.

The second reason is Opportunity boy of boy this one right here is a game changer because the world is your oyster. You can do anything and everything you desire in life. You decide how you will CHANGE THE WORLD.

The thrid reason is Impact As an entrepreneur you have the chance and opportunity everyday to impact the lives of many as this is YOUR company and you and only you get to truly experience what that feels like unlike working for someone else.

The foruth reason is Freedom now I think this reason is self explanatory. You know have the opportunity to do what you want, when you want, how you want for how long you want. You are the boss and you make all the decisions.

The fifth reason is Responsibility now this simply means that you run your business they way you see fit therefore having a greater impact on the world.

The sixth reason is Being your own boss which simply means your in control of your life, your taking risks and deciding the outcome

The seventh reason is Time and Family now this is very important because when we are working a tradiontional job we sometimes have very little time to spend with family however when your the boss your time is your own. You decide when you work and for how long.

The eighth reason is Creating a legacy now I think this reason is self explantory. If you have a family you will want to leave them with something everlasting. what will you leave your loved ones.

The ninth reason is Accomplishment what goals have you set that you haven’t reached yet. Can you believe that being an entrepreuer frees you up to get those things done that you may have otherwise not been able to do.

The tenth reason is Control when you have the control over your life to do what you want when you want is a good reason to becoming an entreprenuer.

Now that you know what’s needed you’re ready for the world of entrepreneurship. Did these 10 reasons to become an entreprenuer help? Please drop a comment below and again welcome to the world of entrepreneurship. Tomorrow I will share with you what it takes to become an entreprenuer so stay tuned.


To your continued success



Where My Foodies At?

Where My Foodies At?

What’s up my fellow bloggers and bloggets, it’s your girl Shawne here with another blog for your reading pleasure. Where my foodies at? Bringing you the top 5 burger joints. If your anything like me I love to enjoy a good burger every now and then. So today I thought I would take a trip around the country to find the best burgers around. So sit back and let’s get our burgering on.

Where My Foodies At?

Where My Foodies At?








Now I know you may be surprised by this 1st choice but I discovered this burger at a bowling alley in San Francisco. At the Mission Bowling club you can get this brisket and chuck burger seared in beef fat, topped with housemade caper aioli, carmelized onions and monterey cheese. Where all my Cali peeps at?

Also, in Pasenda, CA you have to check out Pie n Burger. Here you will find the same receipe that has been served for the last 50 years. You get this amazing burger served with american cheese and a homemade thousand island dressing served in a loosely wrapped wax paper.

Where My Foodies At?








Next week head to El Reno, Oklahoma and slide into Sid’s Diner for their show stopping onion burger. The owner herself slices the yellow spanish onions until there paperthin and then adds them directly to your burger. Here’s a little secret to flatten out your burger she uses a homemade spatula.

Where My Foodies At?








Now, i’m always in NY and not sure how I missed this but I will def be checking out the Bindle room on my next trip. Here you will find the Steakhouse burger seared in a cast iron skillet and topped with american cheese and homemade spicy hot sauce. What makes this burger so special my be the combination of 30 day aged beef neck, fresh beef and pure white fat. May not sound good but sure looks good. What do you think?

Where My Foodies At?








And the last one on the list you can find in the Chi, Chicago that is. Check out the double cheeseburger at Au Cheval. The actually use three thin burgers, cheddar, maple glazed bacon and homemade Dijonnaise. If you wanna get fancy you can make this burger Au Cheval style and top it with an egg.

Where My Foodies At?









I hope you enjoy our travel around the world to find the best burgers in town.

Until the next time


P.S. Let’s journey together to discover more amazing places and live life on your own terms.

10 Emotions of power

The 10 emotions of POWER

Did you know there were

The 10 emotions of POWER

What’s up there bloggers and bloggetts, what’s going on today? It’s your girl Shawne the Multi-Preneur Entreprenuer with another blog for your reading pleasure. In todays blog I want to share with you

The 10 emotions of POWER

and how to become a better a YOU by planting great seeds of positivity and not negativity. FYI: Negativity doesn’t help you or I. It gets you no where fast. Let’s set the stage here, I want you to think of your mind as a garden being planted with nothing but the best.


10 emotions of power










Let’s take a look at our first Emotion Love and warmth the key here is one of love. If we consistenly express love we have the ability to get rid of any negativity that comes our way. We must learn how to embrace the negative things and turn them into positives.

The second Emotion Appreciation and gratitude now you have to understand that these emotions are more spirtual. When living in this state we have an attitude of gratitude. This is a great way to build relationships.

Your third Emotion Curiosity if you want to kill the boredom in your life become curious. Can you remember being a kid an always asking questions? You just want to know more and more info. You were constanly feeding your mind. Go back to that place.

Your fourth Emotion Excitement and passion this emotion should be simple to understand. If your an entreprenuer these two emotions alone are what you got in the game. We understand that if your passionate about something more than likely you can turn it into a business. Keep that excitement and passion no matter what happens and success is all yours.

Your fifth Emotion Determination goes hand in hand with emotion four you have to understand that there will be plenty of obstacles however you’ve already made up your mind that no matter what you will keep moving forward because you are determined to see your dreams become reality.

Your sixth Emotion Flexibility is important because things in your business can change in seconds. You have to be willing to deal with the rollercoaster ride and bend when needed.

Your seventh Emotion Confidence is key as an entreprenuer as other people will tell you everyday allday that you are crazy for wanting to do this or that however with unstopable belief and confidence in yourself no one will be able to stop you.

Your eighth Emotion Cheerfulness simply means that you have the impact to meet any challenge that comes your way.

Your ninth Emotion Vitality is key because it has to do with taking care of you physically. If your not healthy then you can’t help others or enjoy the fruits of your labor. Remember this if you take care of your body, your body will take care of you.

And your tenth and final Emotion Contribution is all about encouraging others. When you can sow seed into others weather through a smile, an encouraging word, a qoute, a blog, video or conversation you are providing true value to others and those are things that people will remember.


Well that’s it family, what did you think of

The 10 Emotions Of POWER?

I would love to hear your comments. did you get any value from today’s post?

Until lata your favorite Multi-Prenuer Entrepreneur


11 Tips for Staying Motivated

11 Tips for Staying Motivated

What’s up Super Rockstars,

As entreprenuers there are so many things to do and we wear so many different hats that it’s hard at times to stay motivated and do what needs to be done. However, I discovered

11 Tips for Staying Motivated

that has helped me in doing those things that may not always be fun but necessary. It’s me again Shawne here with another vlog for your reading pleasure. Over the last 2 weeks I’ve shared with my friends and fans the

11 Tips for Staying Motivated

that if used on a daily basis will not only help you feel accomplished but feel great about every step of the process. Check out the video series I put together for you and don’t forget to subscribed to my channel and subscribe to my blog for all the latest and greatest updates around.



Take a screenshot of these 11 tips and post them up for your daily reminder.

11 tips for staying motivated










What did you think about this video series? Was there anything that your not doing that will help you be a better you? I would love to know your thoughts so drop a line in the comments and let’s start a discussion today.


Your girl Shawne

The Multi-Prenuer Entreprenuer



The 10 most craziest questions cruise guest ask

The 10 most craziest questions cruise guest ask


I have to say as a cruise enthusists I have heard some crazy questions asked by some of my fellow cruisers and because they are funny (perpare to get your laugh on) I thought I would share them with you 

The 10 most craziest questions cruise guest ask

What’s up bloggers and bloggetts it’s me your girl Shawne here with another blog for your reading pleasure. I hope you enjoy today’s blog so sit back and get your funny on. 

Check out these 10 crazy ass questions

10. I am one bottle over my liquor allowance but I drank it, do I still need to declare it?

9. How do I know what picture is mine?

8. Do the waiter and waitresses sleep onboard?

7. Do these stairs go up or down?

6. Will this elevator take me to the front of the ship?

5. What religion are the people with the patches behind their ears?

4. What altitude are we sailing at?

3. Do we have generators on the ship?

2. If I go snorkeling, will I get wet?

1. What do we do with the ice carvings after the melt?


Hey Hey, now was that one crazy ass list of questions or what? Did you find any of these funny? I know I did. I especially liked # 5 and 2 among others but those were funny to me.

What were your favorites? Drop them in the comments and remember when you take your cruise please don’t ask these questions.




Your travel enthusist