Hanging out in Santorini

Hanging out in Santorini

Hanging out in Santorini

I must admit that I had never heard of Santorini however what I did see were these great pictures of this beautiful place with white buildings and beautiful blue roofs and water that was unbelievable and I knew then I needed to find out where this was and that I wanted to visit.

So, because I’m a vacation ho yes I said it. I don’t like to travel, I have a love affair with travel I set out to do a little R & D (Research and Development) and added Santorini to my bucket list. What I discovered about Santorini also known as Thira is that it’s a circular group of volcanic islands in the Aegean Sea with about only 13,000 people that call this place home.

Welcome to Santorini

As I continued my research I also discovered that Santorini was formed due to a volacanic eruption. When the eruption happened the bay was formed and filled with water from the Aegean sea. Now legend has it that the continent of Atlantis was destroyed, the ancient city of Akrotiri was buried under the ash which caused the collapse of the Minoan civilization in Crete.

While I continued to search this great place I learned that there were seven towns and villages that make up Santorini and I will break them all down for you.



Hanging out in Santorini

Let’s start with Fira which is the capital of the island. If you want a great panorama view of the volacano and the sunset then this is your place. If the nightlife is what your looking for you in the right place at the right time. Turn up and get your party on.

Hanging in Santorini









Next on the list is the villiage of Pyrgos which use to be the capital of the islands until the early 1800s and also known as the prettiest place. The Venetian Castle which is located on the top of the hill is surrounded by traditional houses. This village also has many churches but is not yet a tourist attraction.

Hanging in Santorini









If your looking for Santorini of the previous century with traditional architecture still intact then welcome to the village of Karterados which is just south of Fira.

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Next on the list is the biggest village of all….welcome to Emporio. Here you will find one of the oldest churches Palia Panagia which is known for it’s wooden dome on it’s bell tower. You will find a quite village here with just a few shops and taverns.

Hanging in Santorini









Next on the list is the village of Akrotiri located on the most remote part of the island. You will find many hotels and taverns here and the view of the Caldera.

Hanging in Santorini








If architecture is your thing then check out the small village of Messaria. Here you will be surrounded by gardens and vineyards, the Argiros Mansion built in 1880 and the churches of Metamorphosis of Sotriros and Agia Irini built between 1680 and 1700

Hanging in Santorini







And last but not least welcome to the village of Megaloxori which is located between Pyrgos, Emporio and Akrotiri. Here you will find white painted houses, churches and cobblestone narrow pathways.


All I can say is Wow…..what are your thoughts so far? As if this wasn’t enough you can lay out on one of the seven beaches here in Santorini.

Perissa Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island with it’s black lava sand, clear blue sea and many water sports facilities. Seafront taverns, hotels, camping facilities and many more meet everyone’s needs.

Kamari Beach stretches over five miles and is another beautiful black sandy beach with taverns, restaurants, hotels and other great tourist and entertainment spots for hanging out.

Monolithos Beach is one of the quiter beaches offering food and snacks.

Red Beach is surrounded by red lava cliffs with black sany shores and close to the ancient sites of Akortiri.

Perivolos Beach is a great place for childern with it’s shallow waters. It’s another quiet beach with taverns, great places to stay and sport facilities for all your water babies.

Vilhada Beach is a great place if you want to avoid the large crowds of people.

Oia Beach is a two for one deal with Ammoudi beach located directly below Armeni which is a bit futher out.


Whew, can you say I had fun after my 2 week vacation, LOL! I hope you enjoyed

Hanging out in Santorini



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