How to become a GREAT LEADER

How to become a GREAT LEADER

This blog is written for all my current entrepreneurs, those aspiring to be an entrepreneur and anyone currently working a 9-5 and desires to become a great leader in their given profession. Have you ever wondered how some of your friends seem to be great leaders. They can get a massive amount of people to not only listen to them but follow them and succeed.

Well, in today’s blog I thought I would share two little secrets on

How to become a GREAT LEADER

What’s up family, bloggers and bloggetts, it’s your girl Shawne here with another blog for your reading pleasure. This will not be a long blog but what I hope will be a POWERFUL post so sit back relax and let’s dive right in.

“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others”. John Maxwell



As great leaders we have the ability to influence and coach others. We are providers of various resources and educational opportunities for future growth. Leaders help develop new skills and works together to produce an amazing outcomes. Leaders are visioniaries. Leaders are constantly developing their mindsets on a daily basis. We understand that mindset is where things will start to change.


As leaders we understand that we are also goal setters. We help others acheive their goals by demonstrating enthusiam, perserverance and determination. We understand there will be obstacles but through courage and resillence we help our teams overcome these things. We also understand that when we help our teams grow we will grow as well.

Well there you have it family

How to become a GREAT LEADER

Great leaders







When we understand that our mindset has to be shifted and helping others reach their goals, dreams and desires is our second charge we have now become GREAT LEADERS.

As I stated in the beginning this wouldn’t be a long blog but what I hoped would be a POWERFUL post.


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To your continued sucess

Shawne “The Multi-Preneuer Entrepreneur


5 Committed Steps To Learning

5 Committed Steps To Learning

5 Committed Steps To Learning

What’s up family, it’s your girl and favorite blogger Shawne here with another you know what for your reading pleasure. As entrepreneurs we’re constanly reading and developing our craft. I’m sure we pickup on more things than the average person does. At least I know I do. I see things and think to myself this would make a great blog or video or a great quote. And to be perfectly honest today’s blog was inspired by something I saw in a classroom over the past weekend.

5 Committed Steps To Learning


I discovered 5 key steps you must have to be committed to learing that I will share with you today.

The first step to being committed to learning is being PRESENT and ON-TIME.  What does it mean to be present and on time, it means to be in the moment. You need to show up and be on time in your homebased business the same way you would for your empolyer. If you say you start work at 10, get up and get to work and give it your all.


The second step to being committed to learning is BEING PREPARED. Write out your to do list for the next day before you go to bed at night. Get up the next day knowing exactly what you need to get done and go for it.

The third step to being committed to learning is to HONOR DEADLINES. As biz owners we have fifty million things that need to be done and we must prioritize first and set those deadlines in order to move to the next task. Do you have a meeeting in 3 days and need to have those slides completed in 2 days. Set that deadline and get er done.

The fourth step to being committed to learning is to be ENGAGED. As a business owner we all must engage with our audience/customers. If your an online markerter we should be connecting with at least 10 people per day. Reach out like their post, comment, send a message. I think you get the idea. We must continue to ask questions so we know how to best solve their problems.

And the fifth and final step to being committed to learning is to be RESPECTFUL AND PROFESSIONAL. No matter the type of business brick and motar or online we must remember that people do business with people they Know, Like and Trust so being professional at all times is a must.


Well, there you have it family the

5 Committed Steps to Learning

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To your continued success

Shawne “The Multi-Preneur Entrepreneur” Perryman


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I was reading an interesting article the other day that talked about abundance and how to attract more of it.

What I discovered was that lots of us seem to feel stuck due to lack, poverty and unworthiness which
can sabotage our hard work. In order to attract those things we desire we need to address the emotions that caused the pain.

The question now becomes how do we attract more abundance. Well, with these four simple questions your now on the right road to ABUNDANCE .


Question 1

What do we complain about the most? Do we often complain about how little we have? What belief do we have that indicates we don’t deserve more?








Question 2

Do we have a painful past memory or experience that could be the reason we don’t have what we want in life?









Question 3

In our heart of hearts do we actually believe that things won’t get better?








Question 4

Do we obess over what might happen in the future? Do our fears limit what we’re actually able to experience?









Well,there you have it. The 4 questions that can put you on the road to ABUNDANCE.

I have to admit when I sat down an started to answered these questions what I discovered was I had work to do. My hope is that you to will take sometime out of your busy schedule and answer these four questions on


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As usual I wish you all Peace, Blessings and Prosperity.
Shawne “The Multi-Preneur Entreprener” Perryman

10 Apps You Can't Live Without..Download Today

10 Apps You Can’t Live Without..Download Today

10 Apps You Can’t Live Without..Download Today

As entreprenuers we always have tons to do however sitting in front of your computer somedays may not be an option but the one thing we all have with us all day everyday is our phones so let’s put it to work. (Download these apps today). These are for sure 10 apps you can’t live without. Maybe you need to send that post out on social media, maybe you forgot to hit the send button on your blog post, you might need to connect with a potential client or maybe you have some downtime and can sneek a few pages of your favorite personal development book in. Whatever it may be today I thought I would share

10 Apps You Can’t Live Without..Download Today

I’m not sure when your best ideas might pop into that old nogging of yours as for me the lightbulb seems to come on when I’m driving and of course it’s hard to write and drive (I’ve tried it, don’t do it) so I found the solution to this problem. I use the Voice Recorder on my phone.

Have you ever been sitting in the doctors office and he/she is 30 minutes behind schedule and your trying to figure out what to do. Well sleeping is not the answer. Pull out the phone once again and pull up your Kindle and #BAMM get your personal development on.

Do you use Instagram in your business? If you do I’m sure you’ve seen a picture that you must share but using IG in it’s normal capacity is not something we can do however I would love to introduce you to REPOST. This app allows you to repost your fav pics and give credit to the original person who posted it.

Also, for Instagram is a wonderful app called Lattergram. Now this app won’t publish your post to IG but you can set it up so that it reminds you when to post. This can be a time saver. (Note: I use this in conjuction with IF THIS THEN THAT and it makes my life easy.) Here’s another TRAINING

IFTTT is another app that I use to setup what they like to call receipes. It’s simple actually. You set it up so that if you post on IG it will also post on Facebook, Pintrest or other social media sites. There are tons of sceniors so check it out. (Check out this TRAINING) (Note: you can also use this on your desktop:

Forgot to post a lil motivation for your audience and no time to really brand you. No worries QuotesTags to the rescue. You will find tons of things that will inspire and uplift you and your audience. (Note: If your using IFTTT an have the receipe setup post this quote to IG and it will go to all your other sites)

If your into branding yourself and you should be then you’ll love this next two apps InstaQuote. You can use their backgrounds or use your own pictures and put anything you want on it. (see one I created). I love this app because when others start to share your post your brand is getting more exposure. And the same applies to PicLab. Use your pics and get creative with your mesage.











Everyday on my FanPage I post Shawne’s Motivational Moments. I use these post to create a collage in Photo Grid. Just find a template you like and add your pictures. I like to use the video feature and create a slide show with a little music. Once created I will usually post these in groups with maybe a link to my mastermind group, fanpage, free gift or blog but never to my opportunity.

And last but not least Youtube. Can you say a wealth of knowledge. No matter what your looking for 10x’s out of 10 you can find it on Youtube. If you need a little pick me up just type in Motivation and check out all the awesome stuff that pops up. Have you been trying to figure out how to add your Facebook Fanpage to your personal page.(Check out this TRAINING) Youtube’s got the answer.

I know I said I would share 10 apps that can make your life simple on the go but I had to share these last two.


If you have a WordPress Blog then be sure to download the app to your phone. Maybe you’ve already written the blog but forgot to hit publish. Or may you have a great idea for your next post and maybe you don’t want to record it or write it down on a piece of paper. Just log in and get to writing.

And the very last one I will share is the voice recorder function on your Facebook Messenger. This feature is only available from your phone but can be a lifesaver when talking to others and there’s no time to text. Just hit the button and record your message. You’d be suprised how many don’t know about this feature. So, let it be a techable moment you share with others. (Another way to provide value)


Well there you have it my peeps.

10 Apps You Can’t Live Without..Download Today

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Until lata


10 Apps You Can't Live Without..Download Today

Never Forget Your Password

Never Forget Your Password

What’s up my friends, it’s your girl here you know your favorite blogger, Lol with another you know what for your reading pleasure.

Today’s blog won’t be long but it will pack a bang.

In the world of entreprenuership we have many things to do and remember and one of the many things we must remember are those pesky passwords. Geesh Luis there are passwords everywhere and yes I know we try to use the same password for everything but with different parameters it can be daunting.

So, today I’m going to share a simple secret with you to walk you through the process of finding out what your password is.

Never Forget Your Password

Well there you have it my friends, how to retrieve those passwords. I hope you gained some value from todays blog and as usual don’t forget to Like, Share and Comment

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