Beware Graph Search Could Be Dangerous For Your Health

l know as marketers we have all used Graph Search at least once in our biz but are you aware of a few of the pitfalls.

In this blog I want to talk about how liking a page could be dangerous to your health (LOL)

When we like a page do you really know how FB is using that info? When you hit that button you are telling others that not only do you like the page but you like that resturant or whatever it is your liking as well as the food or other product even if you’ve never eaten or brought that product before. Simply liking a page means more than we think. When checking in you are saying that I’m here…weather you like the place or not remains to be seen but we know you’re in that place.

Here’s another example of how this could be dangerous. Let’s say you like playboy magazines page and applied for that once in a lifetime job and your future boss does a search and finds your profile..What do you think might happen? Hmmmmm!!

So, the point to this blog is really simple. Be selective on the pages you like.

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One Word: Focused

One Word: Focused

What’s up bloggers and bloggetts, it’s your girl ShawnE here with another you know what for your reading pleasure.

Today I wanted to share with you how to stay focused in this wonderful world of entrepreneurship. As entrepreneurs we understand that one of the keys to success is personal development. We are always reading, watching training, videos and a host of other things in order to get better.

And this is exactly how this blog came to life.  I was reading a book called 20 Things I Learned  as an entrepreneur.

One Word: Focused



One of the main points that stood out to me was being FOCUSED however one of the classic signs of being unfocused is TRYING TO DO TO MUCH!

So, I began to ask myself how do I stay focused when there are several things in any given day that needs my attention like preparing content, training, connecting with others, blogging, etc. We also understand with so many different social media sites we need to be in as many places as possible. We need to make sure others are seeing us and what we have to solve their problems.

One Word: Focused


In order to stay FOCUS we must simplify what we do. We must PRIORITIZE AND UNDERSTAND WHAT WE DO

One Word: Focused

If you have a big goal that needs to get done….break it down into smaller goals and knock it out the box. Every little step towards your goal is better than nothing at all.

The second thing we must do is WHAT WORKS FOR YOU

If your going to be on Facebook then be on Facebook and learn the hell out of it. Learn those insider secrets and share them with the world through trainings, learn how to use Facebook to your advantage. Once you’ve mastered the book then move on to your next social media endeavor.

I know you want to be everywhere and get as many eyes on you but it really is okay to take your time and build those relationships.


I have to be honest, I was feeling a little lost & a lot overwhelmed because I was trying to do too much. So, once I read this I truly understood that I needed to take a step back, do an assessment and re-group.

So, the point to this blog is to slow down, take your time & stay focused on what is most important to you and your business.

So, my question to all reading this….ARE YOU FOCUSED?

Until we meet on the beaches of the world.

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I watched this documentary the other day on Netflix called Serving Life. What an amazing documentary….if you haven’t seen it I suggest you watch.

The premise of the story is inmates helping other dying inmates die gracefully behind prision walls. The warden of Angola prision in LA decided to have the first every hospice unit to help those dying die with some grace & dignity. The moral of the story was simple…Can we be redeemed based on things we’ve done in the past? These were hardend criminals who robbed, killed, stealed & a host of other things but was able to give back by becoming a volunteer in the hospice program. This got me to thinking and here are a few questions I came up with.

  1. Can we be truly be forgiven for the wrong we’ve done?
  2. How much do we really value our lives?
  3. What will we do with the life we’ve been given?
  4. Could we really live within the confines of prision?

Here’s what this movie taught

  1. Love is real
  2. No matter what we done deep inside ourselves we all have love & compassion
  3. That change is possible & doable

What I’ve learned in this life thus far is that we all have to listen to somebody…the real question is WHO WILL YOU LISTEN TO? If God is the head of your life will you follow him & walk with him daily? Will you listen to yourself ? and become the best YOU or Will you listen to others who will tell you when to wake, when to use the facility, what to eat, how fast and long you have to eat, when to sleep, etc. I’ve decided that I will walk with God & with his help, guidance and direction walked into the destiny he has created for me. To be the best ME, one filled with love & compassion for all and to help as many people along the way to reach their goals, dreams & desires. I believe this is my calling. I want to see as many people as possible live the life that was layed out for them.

This is why I love being an entreprenuer. I get to live on my own terms. I get to spend time talking to others and showing them a better way. I get to spend time with family and enjoy some of what life has to offer.

The question I have for you is ARE YOU REDEEMABLE? If you’ve made mistakes in your life are you willing to change? Are you willing to do what it takes to become a better you? Will you follow those who’ve made it or at least on the right road to making it? Are you ready to live a full and abundant life? Are you ready to take back your family & give them the life they deserve? If you’re ready for a change I would love to talk to you. Send me an email and lets start the conversation.

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To your success

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What’s up Everybody,

It’s your girl Shawne here with her latest blog. For some of my followers you may already know that I LOVE to travel and for those just getting to know me well now you know.

I’ve had the travel bug since I took my first trip to Disney World at the young age of 8. What an experience my mother gave too me. I remember and I’m dating myself we flew Eastern Airlines first class. This was the first time I also had duck. (Didn’t like it) but anywho back to the story. If I ever desire to look back I still have the pictures from that trip. (yes I know…WOW!!)

But fast forward to today. I just read an interesting article where one of the top online travel agencies (OTA for short) & one of the big car makers have struck a deal to offer its customers a mobile app. So, lets break this down and see how it will affect you.

Priceline dot com just released an agreement with General Motors to create a custom mobile app on some of their 2015 models such as the Corvette, Equinox, Impala, Malibu, Silverado & Volt.

Priceline will now offer hotel booking services through OnStar. (Remember this is a fee based service through GM) Starting in the summer you will be able to download a mobile app from the new Chevy appstore  and now have access via the vehicles dashboard display to now book your hotel stays anywhere in the world with live reps who will be able to tap into pricelines hotel inventory and make reservations on behalf of the driver.

General Motors decided that this would be a good fit as several people who use the OnStar service request hotel reservations through the system.

In the world of technology everything is really at your fingertips. Do you think this is a good thing or bad thing? Please share your comments below.

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Until we meet on the beaches of the world

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The Newest Diet Fad!

I’m sitting here on a Friday evening watching 20/20 & I have to say I can’t believe what I just heard. We now have a patch that is sewn onto your tongue to help you lose weight…WTH! & to top it all off it will only cost you $2000…yes you heard me $2000.

So, it works like this. If u try to eat any solid food as u try to swallow it will inflict pain. REALLY!!

So you have to drink a powdered diet for 30 days & then go back & have the patched removed.

I drank 2 shakes a day & lost the 25 lbs in one month. This woman in the story is trying to lose 20 lbs.




Shawne “Helping Other’s Succeed” Perryman

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