Do you have staying power?

So, i just recently received my latest copy of Inc. magazine July/August issue w/Damon Jonn creator of Fubu and one of the sharks on Shark Tank. The cover story was all about how he did it.



There were 3 major golden nuggest dropped in the first paragraph of the article.

1) He doesn’t invest in companies, he invest in people

2) He looks for those who’ve failed not once but several times

3) He looks for problems solvers


HMMM, Does any of this sound familiar


So, that got me to thinking. Since being online and trying to figure out that space the one thing I hear from those who’ve made it and having tremendous success is that people join others who they know, like and trust. (Damon’s 1st point) It really has nothing to do with the company however the real question becomes how do we get someone to join us? Well, my friends the answer is real simple….BUILD RELATIONSHIPS.

HOW? By reaching out, saying hello, getting to know the person. People will tell you most of what you need to know if you just have a conversation. It will take time so don’t expect to be a millionaire overnight.

TIP: Want to know how to lose someone…say hi and drop your link……DON’T DO IT!


Have you failed? Yes or No. If you’ve failed do you get back up, dust yourself off and start again or do you give up on yourself and your dreams. Remember this, failing is part of the process. If your not failing your not having success. (Damon’s 2nd point) So, keep failing but get back up.




Remember that your a problem solver even when people are unaware they have an issue. As you start to build that relationship you will have a better understanding on how to solve your potential customers problem. (Damon’s 3rd point)


Yes, we all want to make money, that is our ultimate goal but I’ve learned two valuable lessons:

==> Help others and yours will come

==> This is not a get rich quick scheme. It will take time but it will be WORTH IT!


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Stay blessed and until the next blog

I wish you all Peace, Blessings & Prosperity.






Teachable moments learned from T.I. & Tiny…The Family Hustle

Hey there fam, it’s your girl Shawne here once again with another blog for your reading pleasure.

There are only a few shows that I watch that have more meaning than just entertaiment and for this blog that show is T.I. and Tiny….The Family Hustle. This is definately a show my son and I watch together.

Now i’m sure your saying Shawne….REALLY! Yes. I love the show. There are many teachable moments each and every week. If you’ve never watched the show I suggest you watch and see for yourself.

But you may be asking Shawne, what is a TEACHABLE MOMENT? It’s anytime someone may not understand what it takes to do the job at hand is put into that situation to find out for themselves what it truly takes to get the job done.

On one episode in which T.I. had opened his resturant the kids thought it would be easy to run so what did he do he brought them in and put them to work. Check it out.


I’ve been having several teachable moments just this past week with this blog. I had no idea of all the moving parts it would take to have my blog hosted under my domain name, transferring the content, having a simple contact form or a place to just leave a commnet. (And some of this things are still a work in progress) LOL!

So, after walking away for a lil bit, I searched on Youtube and reached out to some of my awesome blogger friends and was able to get through the processs.

Was I fustrated….Yes

Did I want to give up…Yes

But I didn’t….WHY because #FailureIsNotAnOption


As entreprenuers I’m sure we can all think of several teachable moments just this past week. Did you choose to ignore them? Or Did you face them head on? I would love to know. So drop me a line in the comments and don’t forget to Like & Share.

I can’t wait to hear from you.


To your continued success

The Multiprenuer Entreprenuer

What is email marketing and WHY should YOU care?

What’s up Bloggers and Bloggets, It’s your girl Shawne here again with yet another blog for your reading pleasure. I hope you find it helpful and don’t forget to like, share and comment.


In today’s blog I talk about what is email marketing and why should you care? If your an online marketing then this blog is for you.

Now, I’ve been involved in some sort of MLM/Network Marketing company off and on for some years now but it wasn’t until I got involved with online marketing about two years ago that I started to understand it a little but honestly it was about a year ago that it all started to truly make sense.

One of the things I was learning is that we all need a continuous source of leads however what I didn’t know was how to get them and what to do with them.

So, as I continued my journey I discovered that email marketing was the way to go but I still had no idea what the hell to do so I kept researching and found that I would need to know HTML coding (if you don’t know what that is don’t worry I didn’t either) or find a system that would allow me to do what I needed to do.

Click the picture to see this amazing system.


u have 2 c it


Now, i’m sure your thinking well Shawne how difficult can it be. Just type up some email and send it their way. I can just use my gmail account and be done. Well there is a science that goes into email marketing and if you want to be a professional then you need to do it the right way.

So, I found a system that allows me to do the neccessary steps in order to stay in front of my leads and I will break them down and explain each.


The first thing you need is a: CAPTURE PAGE

Now for some you may be saying what the hell is that. It’s just a page that allows you to capture the person’s name, email and maybe phone #. (TIP: Offer something FREE or of value to get prospects on your list. Ex: free book or video)


The second thing you need is a: AUTO RESPONDER

A autoresponder is a series of emails that is sent to your leads for a specific amount of time. Now understand that you may need to create these emails so take your time. Create a story don’t always push your product. What you want to do here is provide them value first and then put your offer in front of them later.


The third thing you need is a: CATCHY HEADLINE

Now, this is where the science comes into play. You want your potential customer to see your emails daily and WANT TO READ THEM. I discovered in my research that there are three emotions tied to a catchy headline.


The first is Intellectual: Here, you want to use words that are effective and that require reasoning/careful evaluation. (EX: Teamwork Creates Leverage and Wealth!)


The second is Emotional: Here you want to use words that resonate with empathy and provide a strong emotonal action. (EX: Turbo Charge Your Retirement Income)


The third is Spirtual: Here you want to use words which offer the strongest potential of influence and appeals on a very deep emotional level. (EX: Are you looking for a way to earn residual income for your family)


As I stated before there is a science behind good email marketing and I hope this blog helped. It takes time to build your empire but it truly is worth it in the end.


To your success

Shawne “Helping Others Succeed” Perryman

The Multi-Prenuer Entreprenuer




“If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people.”
–Virginia Woolf



5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Success

5 Ways to Jump Start Your Success

What’s up bloggers and bloggetts, it’s your girl Shawne here with another you know what for your reading pleasure. I often get asked the question from aspiring entrepreneurs how they can get started in the wonderful world of entrepreneurship.

It got me to thinking and I thought I would share 

5 ways to jump start your success

This blog post wont be long but I hope powerful in jump starting your success.

If true success is what we desire we must get uncomfortable and do things we never thought we would do. Whatever that thing is that your afraid to do….DO IT! I had to endure this same process when it came to creating videos, I didn’t like the way I sounded, was I to fat, blah, blah, blah however I knew two things:

1. I had a lot to share with the world

2. Video marketing is the way to go

So, I put on my big girl panties and hit that record button. Now I’m a video making queen, LOL!!

Over the last week I recorded a video series titled: 5 Ways to Jump Start Your Success to share with others just some of the things needed if you want to succeed not only in business but in life.

The 5 steps to success are:

1) Schedule your SUCCESS everyday

2) Remove negative people ASAP

3) Become the BEST student in your niche

4) Stop listening to people who tell you you CAN’T

5) Step into your GREATNESS


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To your success

Shawne “Helping Others Succeed” Perryman

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What’s up Bloggers and Bloggetts,

Do you have trouble coming up with ideas for your blog well I heard one of my mentors say something to the affect you can get plenty of ideas from magazines and I have to tell you that is so true.

Just the other day I received my latest edition of Forbes magazine and the ad on the back turned that light bulb on.


So, there’s a quote by Dr. Khalil G. Muhammad that says “There is no American history without black history.” an that struck a cord.

I asked myself WHY in 2015 Is this still an issue. When I think of this world aren’t we all immigrants. Didn’t all of us come from far far away places. Lol!

When you say the word American history I would think that it would include everyone. We’ve all contributed to this world some good, some bad so why is our history soooo divided. Aren’t we limiting ourselves by not truly understanding one another? What are your thoughts? Comment below

Althought not long my hope is that we can dialouge about this very important issue.

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