9 Tips To Getting The Cheapest Flights

9 Tips To Getting The Cheapest Flights

If your anything like me and you love to travel one of the biggest expenses we incur is airfare. I’m sure your always looking for a way of getting the cheapest flights around. So, in today’s blog I would love to share with my reading audience

9 Tips To Getting The Cheapest Flights

What’s up bloggers and bloggetts, it’s your favorite blogger, entrepreneur and world traveler, LOL! with another blog for your reading pleasure. As I stated earlier airline flights can be one of the most expensive things needed when we’re ready to embark on our super fantabulous travel extravaganza. So, today I thought I would share

9 Tips To Getting The Cheapest Flights


SIGN UP FOR FARE ALERTS: There are several sites out on the world-wide web that will allow you to set alerts letting you know when that flight you’ve been searching has dropped in price.

BOOK IN ADVANCE: This is another area where you can find great savings. Did you know that if you book domestic flights eight weeks in advance or international at 24 weeks in advance the price can drop dramatically.

TRAVEL AT OFF-PEAK HOURS AND DAYS: Have you every heard you can get cheaper flights on Wednesdays, how about you can find better deals around 2am. Well, some of this is very true. Some of the best days to book are Tuesday while one of the worst days is Friday. And if your still in need of more, one of the worst days to depart is Sunday but the best day is Wednesday and last but not least the best day to return is Tuesday/Wednesday but the worst day Sunday.

CHECK OUT THE BAGGAGE RESTRICTIONS BEFORE YOU LEAVE: Can I just say that the airlines are just cray cray when it comes to baggage fees sooooooo please check this out on their website to see exactly what their restrictions are.

FLY FROM AN ALTERNATE AIRPORT IF POSSIBLE: As I typed this one I’m a little hesitant and I tell you why. Yes, leaving from an alternate airport could be cheaper however when you think about how you’ll get there. Ex: gas, money for a car/taxi and remember this will be round trip is it really feasible to leave from an alternate airport. I will definitely leave this up to you.

BE FLEXIBLE WITH YOUR DESTINATION IF YOU CAN: Now, I’m sure you saying Shawne what the hell are you talking about. How can I be flexible with my dates. This only applies if your just planning a weekend getaway. Maybe you thought about going to the Bahamas but you came across an amazing deal to Cancun so you decided to check Cancun out instead.

9 Tips To Getting The Cheapest Flights







BE LOYAL TO ONE AIRLINE: Do you have the favorite airline that actually gives you the whole can of soda and not just a cup. Maybe they offer free wi-fi or how about all the latest movies. Whatever the case when you loyal you can rack up miles to be used on future trips. Some of the perks are great. So, fly your fav airline often if you can.

THE 24HR BOOKING RULE: Now don’t let this one pass you by and remember this only applies to flights booked from the U.S.. Did you know that you can hold your reservation without payment, or cancel a booking without penalty, for 24 hours after the reservation is made, if they make the reservation one week or more prior to a flight’s departure date.

What does this mean for you, if a fare drops, you can cancel and rebook the fare at the cheaper price, so it’s worth checking prices again with 24 hours of booking. After that, there will be a fee to change your ticket in most cases.

RESEARCH HOW YOU’LL GET TO THE AIRPORT:Research how you’ll get to the airport before leaving. Will you take a car, public transportation, will someone drop you off, will you take a cab.

Well there you have it folks

9 Tips To Getting The Cheapest Flights



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