How to build your WALLET

How to build your WALLET

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I was sitting here in the car waiting on my son listening to a Drake mix on YouTube, yes I’m feeling him right now and pulled out my note pad to write down a few questions I wanted to ask a dear friend regarding network marketing and her reluctance to even looking at an opportunity when I came across my notes from our very first national convention this past September and wondered why I hadn’t shared this with you so today I wanted to share


How to build your WALLET

If you’ve already taking the entrepreneur plunge or just starting the process I’m sure you were all super excited about your new venture and can’t wait to get started. Today I want to share 5 tips on how to build your WALLET and enjoy the life you dreamed about.


The first tip in building your WALLET and maybe the most important is to believe in YOURSELF and have FAITH. See yourself living the lifestyle you desire. Now, with that being said please understand that something’s will need to change in order to have that lifestyle. You may have to give up the idiot box (TV) and pick up a book. Yes I said a book because it’s time to start developing that mind. Your new mindset will change many things in your life for the better.


The second tip in building your WALLET is Your FAMILY. Now i’m sure your wondering what does my family have to do with building my WALLET. Well, i’m glad you asked. You may have to spend some serious time away from your family for awhile while your building that legacy. You’re going to have to sit down with them and tell them exactly what your doing and most importantly WHY. If there is anything that they can do to assist you. Get them involve and make them feel part of the process. If they choose not that’s cool too but make sure you take out time to spend with them and be 100% committed during that time. Remember work is work and family is family.


The third tip in building your WALLET is your FINANCES. Once your making the money the worse thing you can do is spend it all. Yes, you have made it and it took some blood, sweat and tears so now you should be Saving, Investing and may Share a lil bit.  Truth is when we help others we truly get back more than we can imagine.


The fourth tip in building your WALLET is FITNESS. I can only imagine your saying to yourself Shawne what in the world does fitness have to do with this subject and again I’m glad you ask because this one is real simple. If your not healthy then how can you help anybody else. We all get so involved in taking care of others that we sometimes forget to take care of us. Self care is important so make sure you take out sometime for you.


The fifth and final tip in building your WALLET is to have FUN. Your belief in yourself was through the roof, you talked to your family, you got your finances in order and took care of your health now it’s time to have FUN! Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Where’s that one magical place that’s been on your bucket list? Now that money isn’t an issue where should you go first?

Well there you have it folks, 5 tips on

How to build your WALLET.

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Wishing you all Peace, Blessings and Prosperity

Shawne “Helping Others Succeed” Perryman

The Multi-Preneur Entrepreneur