The Magic is in the Wordz

The Magic is in the wordz

The Magic is in the wordz

What’s up there my favorite bloggers and bloggetts, it’s your girl Shawne here with another blog for your reading pleasure. I have to say that in my few short years online I’ve discovered that using certain words in your campaigns can help you attract more people to your and your business.

It doesn’t matter what social media platform your using, maybe blogging is your thing, maybe you love to shoot videos or your just posting great content

The Magic is in the wordz

Today I thought I would share 10 magic words to help you attract others. So, let’s dive right in and get started.


Your first magic word is YOU. Write as though your face to face with your potential customer.

Your second magic word is FREE. I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. Everyone like free.

Your third magic word is EASY. Think about it…people never want anything that’s going to be hard. Easier is always better.

Your fourth magic word is ACT NOW. Make your potential client motivated by offering your product/service for a limited time

Your fifth magic word is POWERFUL. Make your customers feel they can get all they can from your product/service

Your sixth magic word is INSTANT. If your offering a free e-book/cheat sheet let them know they can download it immediately.

Your seventh magic word is HOW TO. You already know your customers have a problem even if they don’t so start off with the solution. EX: How this can help you

Your eight magic word is MORE. If your offering things your competition isn’t then let them know how much more they will receive working with you.

Your ninth magic word is NO OBLIGATION. You want to present them with a win-win situation.

Your tenth magic word is REAL RESULTS/GUARENTEED RESULTS. People want to know that they too will have success by working with you.

Well there you have it SuperStars the 10 magic words.

As with all my blogs my hope is that you gained some value from today’s post. If you did could you please Like, Share and Comment. I would love to know if you use any SUPER WORDS that work for you?


Until lata