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Turks & Caicos has seven main islands within the country that are inhabited and about 40 smaller islands and cays that are uninhabited. Providenciales or Provo for short and Grand Turks are home to the majority of the country’s population with both islands hosting nearly all of the infrastructure and tourism.

Provo is one of the most developed islands within T & C covering about 38 miles and where most international flights arrive. Grand Turks the capital of Turks and Caicos is home to the luxury cruise ship center.



Provo is the most developed island in Turks and Caicos stretching 38 miles. It is here that you will find it’s airport, some of the best beaches, hotels, restaurants, spas and shopping and one of the best golf courses.

Grand Turk as stated above is the capital of beautiful Turks & Caicos and where cruise enthusiasts like myself will find ourselves as we arrive on this beautiful island. Grand Turk has the second largest population with around 3700 people calling this home. One of the main attractions as you will see is diving. Also, this is where you will find the largest Margaritaville.

A day in Turks and CaicosKnown as the Green Island North Caicos is known to be the lushest because of the rainfall it gets. The population is around 1400 people and about 12 miles north of Provo. North Caicos can be reached by plane or ferry as well as boat charters. There are various hotels, tours, restaurants and bars just for you. And if pink flamingos is your things then this is the place to see the largest flock.



Middle Caicos is the largest of the islands and is about 48 square miles of pure beauty and home to about 275 people. Middle Caicos is home to the largest cave network in the Bahamian Archipelago. It is here you will also find the ruins of the Haulover Plantation. When I started my researched I must say how amazed I was to find out about the horse shaped well with stairs running down it’s walls, or how about the trail that links Middle Caicos with North Caicos during low tide. Can you believe that you can actually walk between the two. You can get to Middle Caicos they same way you get to the North.

A day in Turks and Caicos







a day in turks and caicosIf fishing, bird life, history, fresh seafood or diving is your thing then welcome to South Caicos also known as the Big South. South Caicos is the fishing capital of the world. This is where most of the seafood is harvested for export and local merchants. It is also known that in 1966 Queen Elizabeth visited and stayed at the Commissioner’s house. South Caicos was also at one time known as the largest producer of salt. And, for my divers this is a divers heaven it is home to the marine research which is part of the renowned school for field studies.


a day in turks in caicos east_caicosI was surprised when I discovered that East Caicos even though it’s listed as one of the seven islands is one that is uninhabited considering is size of eighteen square miles. I also learned that there is a marvellous 17 mile beach that is used by sea turtles. Back in its hay day it was once home to the Sisal Plantation and cattle industry.





a day in turks and caicos salt_cay

If you’re looking for a more quite and quaint town then Salt Cay is just the place. It’s only 2.5 square miles and about 80 inhabitants, it was once the center of the Bermudian Salt industry. Salt Cay is also known for great whale watching, bird watching and a divers paradise for all that live under the sea.






a day in turks and caicos west_caicos


West Caicos like East Caicos is another island that is uninhabited however it is currently being developed as the future home of the world-famous Ritz Carlton.





The last of the islands are the Cays 4 to be exact and all offer something a little different. So, lets explore each one.

a day in turks and caicos parrot_cayPirate Cay now known as Parrot Cay was according to legend was named by the female pirate Anne Bonny in the 1700’s. This 1000 acre island is home to the super exclusive Parrot Cay Resort & Spa and enjoyed my movie stars. You know the one looking to get away from their crazy fans, lol. It has also been said that stars like Bruce Will have beachfront homes here.

Pine Cay was also uninhabited until around the 1970’s when the Meridian Club landed here. Most people who work come from the North & Middle Caicos. Pine Cay is another great private island hideaway.

Home to Turks & Caicos Sporting Club is Ambergris Cay, is an 1,100 –acre private residential island at the southeastern end of the Caicos Bank that has been under private ownership since 1811. a day in turks and caicos ambergris_cay








a day in turks and caicos little_water_cay


If  iguanas are your thing then you should be hanging out in Little Water Cay.  to get to Little Water as it’s just a kayak away or you can take one of the many day boat rides. A great half day adventure and the kiddos will love it.







If you haven’t figured it out already there is tons of fun to be had in Turks & Caicos from diving in some of the best waters, to fishing, whale watching, golfing, dining at some of the best restaurants, shopping and accommodations you wouldn’t believe.

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Day in Turks & Caicos

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