Since I started blogging/shooting videos about a year ago it always amazes me WHEN I get these bright ideas perserverance for what I think will be great blogs or videos but as you can imagine it’s hard to write and drive at the same time. I tried it Lol, I would suggest you don’t. However, what I have found helpful is the voice recorder on my phone. I can record what’s in this old brain of mine until lata. Gotta luv technology. And this is how today’s blog on PERSEVERANCE was born.








Any who, what you may not know is a decision I made earlier this year to help myself and this new knee of mine and take a water aerobics class and for the last 3 weeks or so I have to admit I’m thoroughly enjoying it. (Tired as heck but enjoying.)

Now, I can only imagine your saying to yourself Shawne what does any of this have to do with your title. Trust me it’s all about to make perfect sense

As I stated earlier I got another bright idea this morning while driving. Yep the light bulb went off again and the word PERSEVERANCE popped into the old nogging. So, before I dive into todays blog let’s define the word PERSEVERANCE: steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc.,especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement. 

Now that it’s been defined let’s dive in. I’m in a class with mostly seniors however they are young and vibrant at heart and in spirit. I see these ladies come in everyday with limps, canes and other health conditions but nothing seems to stop them. I haven’t had in-depth conversations with them yet in regards to why they are taking this class but I see the determination in their eyes everyday. No matter the pain they are always there.

This determination tells me as probably one of the youngest in the group that no matter what I’m going through whether it be health challenges or otherwise that I should not let anything or anyone stop me from being a better me. That I must push through the pain and PERSEVERE.

And this is my challenge to you. As entrepreneur we hear all the time from the HATERS and NAYSAYERS that we’re crazy for doing that internet stuff, your crazy for building that pyramid thingy, your crazy for wanting to work for yourself. However, we as entrepreneurs I believe were born with a different mindset from the beginning. We know that working for ourselves is the only way to go. We already know that TIME FREEDOM is our friend. We already know that LIFESTYLE we wish to live. So, what do we do yep you got it we PERSEVERE. We push through the pain, the difficulties, the obstacles and fight for what is rightfully ours and that’s that.

Even as I write this blog at 9:14pm I’m pushing through being tired and not wanting to write it but I understand that the only way I can get my message to the masses is to FIGHT through my tiredness.


I hope you got some true value from today’s post. If you did would you please Like, Share and most importantly Comment. What did you push through today?

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Until we meet lata on the Beaches of the World