Money Saving Tips Part 2

What’s up my fellow bloggers and bloggetts, it’s your girl Shawne here with you guessed it another blog for your reading pleasure. Last week I talked to about the power of the clearance rack and today I thought I would take it another step forward and talk about the power of couponing and why coupons should be a part of your families life.








Now in most of my blogs I usually ask a few questions towards the end but today there will be questions through out the blog so just hold on & sit tight. My goal is for you to become a coupon queen or king. LOL!

Money Savings Tips Part 2

Do you make a list and stick with it?
Do you get in the grocery store and the list goes right out the window?
Do you get in the stores and throw things in the cart no matter the cost?
Are you a brand shopper or does the store brand work for you?
Do you shop at multiple stores or just one?

These first five questions are so important so take the time to answer them honestly and start to put things into perpesptive. This is where you will start to save some serious cash.

Money Saving Tips Part 2

Now for all my parents reading this you will love my next question kids


Do you shop with your kids? I know, I know your asking yourself Shawne of course I shop with the rugrats what else am I gonna do with those bright smiling and lovable little people of mine, Lol. Now I understand based on circumstance this may not be possible however if you can then by all means leave them home as the real job begins after the shopping is over and this is when you will utilize them the most. If not, then get them involved in the process. Give the a piece of the list and let them have at it.


TIP: When you get home it’s time for the kiddies to do the work and carry the bags in and put it away. And just remember parents the little ones are not to little to carry the bread of something light, LOL! My motto: “You wanna eat then carry a bag”
So, now that you’ve answered all those questions above let’s dive in and break it all down. This it my little secret….so sssh…listen close and don’t tell anyone.
The FIRST thing to do is make my list, I know your saying DUH dummy who doesn’t know that but you’d be surprised how many people don’t do this very key thing. This one step can save you hundreds of dollars.

The SECOND thing is to look at the sales paper to see what is being offered that week. If you have a few different stores in your area that are fairly close check out all the sales so that you are maximizing your dollars.

The THIRD thing can anyone guess….USE COUPONS. Now i’ve heard the stories I don’t have time for that but here is my response….MAKE TIME!! Once we understand the power of coupons you will become amazed at how much money you can save and here’s another
TIP: Take the money your saving no matter how small and put it in a jar and see what you have 6 months later…you might be surprised.

So now that you armed for battle I’m sure your asking where the hell do I get all these damm coupons, I’m glad you asked. Check out your local sunday paper first and there are tons of online coupon sites. I will share a few at the end.
TIP: Another way to start your love affair with couponing is to make it a family thing. Get the kiddies involved believe me no matter how small they are you are starting to teach them another valuable life lesson.
So now that you have your arsenal of things in place your ready to hit the stores so now what do you do? Can anyone guess…come on I know u know the answer….HIT THE CLEARANCE SECTION FIRST……DING DING DING!!! you are correct. Remember this…the clearance section is your friend.
Next find all those super deals you found while browsing the paper and finally here it comes USE ALL THOSE WONDERFUL COUPONS.
So i’m going to breakdown for you the power of an item being on sale and the use of the coupon. So, let’s say your favorite box of cereal usually cost $3.49 and you buy 2 totatling $6.98 but this week it’s on sale for 2 for $5 but you also have a coupon for a $1 off 2 boxes. You just paid $4 for 2 boxes instead of $6.98. Does this make sense?





I hope what I shared here was helpful. As parents we become very organized in getting kids up for school, cooking breakfast, making lunches, picking up from school and shuffling off to activities. With all this skills we are on the right road to having a successful business.
To your success,
Shawne “Helping Others Succeed” Perryman
The Multi-Prenuer Entreprenuer
P.S. Coupon sites:
P.P.S. Come and soar with me



Money saving tips for single parents

Money saving tips for single parents

What’s up e’rbody, how’s your day going?

As parent’s it can be tough sometimes trying to figure everything out for our households and all the things we need for ourselves and our kids. We must learn how to be savvy shoppers in today’s world and so with that being said I will share

Money saving tips for single parents

In today’s blog I will share how you can save on everyday household items & clothes for you and your family. Now, i’m not sure if your aware of this but pretty much every store you walk into has a CLEARANCE SECTION. Trust me when I say this section has now become your BEST FRIEND.

No matter what store you go into your 1st stop should always be the CLEARANCE SECTION. Can you say HIDDEN TREASURES. You may never know what you’ll find there.

When your in your local pharmacy hit the clearance rack. Maybe that bottle of cough syrup you buy is laying there without a box or maybe the box is dented. Maybe those schoool supplies the kiddos need are sitting there waiting just for you because the package broke and there now selling for $0.15. I think you get the idea

cough syrup







When you walk into your local grocery stores hit the clearance rack. Maybe your favorite cans of vegetables are there but the can is dented. How about those bottles of water that are now $0.20 because 2 broke in the case so now they are selling them individually. And please don’t knock day old bread, cakes, cookies and pies, maybe it’s just what you need for dinner that night. Oh and I forget one more hidden treasure, check out the produce maybe you will find some fresh veggies and fruits that you could use to put in shakes or give the kiddies for snack the next day.










Need to do a little clothers shopping, you guessed it hit the clearance rack. Clothes can also be another big expense for families so check out that rack, Lol! I have found underclothes for my son because the T-shirt pack is missing one and now they are $1.00 apiece. How about socks that are no longer in a pack. I think you get the picture.










In these days & times we are all looking for ways to save money and I have to tell you I save all day everyday with just this tip alone.

Tomorrow I will go into more ways to save so stay tune!!




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